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Valentines Week

I hope everyone’s week was great. From what I’ve seen, everyone has had their share of extreme weather. I hope you and your family are safe and warm. My community is getting its first real down poor this winter season. We were in a pretty bad drought so this is good. Except, my poor hubby and the rest of the first responders get to deal with what comes with flood warnings and bad drivers. It should make for an “interesting” weekend.

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The last several weeks I’ve posted a lot about how busy we’ve been and our daily struggles. This is really my first full year of homeschool and these are growing pains I’m sure all homeschoolers go through. Part of this new journey is learning to find balance. That is proving to be a bigger challenge than homeschool itself.

In an attempt to cut out some of my family’s stress load, we’ve stopped going to karate. It is bitter-sweet. I love it. Our instructors are awesome and the head owner is a famous stunt double who is wonderful with the kids and a great example. But, it’s not the right time. Our karate school will still be there when and if we decide to go back.

For now, I will be enjoying my evenings without having to rush from one place to another. Our Classical Conversations days are so much better now that we are not gone from 730 am to 8 pm. Our whole family seems much less stressed out. There is nothing wrong with not doing extra curricular activities, especially if it is putting a strain on living.

If you are interested in what we did at our community Classical Conversations day, go here.

Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings - Valentines Week

We had fun earlier in the week making a bunch of valentines with stickers and paper doilies which we mailed out to all our Hip Homeschool Moms kiddos! The kids have made these all week. I hope your kids had someone to trade valentines with. It is such a fun day. My kids were so excited for Valentines Day that I got woken up at 5am like it was Christmas day! Really?! Not so fun for me! 😉 But my daughter made my husband and I breakfast and had a V-day presentation for us.

Besides Valentines Day, we’ve had an “interesting” week. I’m learning to loosen up a bit and not worry about every little detail and every little mishap. I keep reminding myself we are doing year round school so I’m not under the same time constraints as other families. This is such a relief! I’m also learning to look the other way a lot more with all the messes that come with homeschooling.

Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings - Valentines Week

Although, there are some things I can’t possibly ignore. One morning, I woke up to 2-3 boxes of cereal all over the house…hence the new security system on the cereal cupboard that my husband installed (see above top right). Can we say desperate? I can think of other uses for that iPhone charger can’t you?

That same morning, I discovered my 3 year old little bug had began chopping her hair away. The hair trimming continued for several days in a row because we could not locate my little bug’s tool of choice. And then, my husband found a little deposit behind the washroom door (above button right). By the time she was done whacking her hair off she had given her self a one-sided-mullet. We are adjusting to a new, shorter hair cut. 😉

I also discovered a major conflict with my work schedule and homeschool. So tragic. I’m so busy that I somehow confused days and pretty much triple booked myself. Awesome. Thankfully, I have understanding coworkers…

And than to top off the crazy town week, we had a minor medical…mishap. Last week my daughter’s friend stayed the night. When driving her home she informed me she was highly allergic to nuts and had an Epipen. Ok…so now fastfoward to this week. Innocent ‘ol me is doing something when my son runs out of his room screaming saying he is bleeding. He is carrying the Epipen. Oh boy… Well, somehow this darned Epipen walked out of that friend’s bag and into my son’s finger!

In actuality, that epipen was swiped by one of my children, then my son was playing with it, fell on it, activated it, and the darned thing punctured through the entire width of his finger all the way through his nail. Sometimes I’m so thankful to be an ER nurse. We did not go to the ER. He is fine but I’m sure he learned a very valuable lesson. That was enough excitement for me.

Also this week, because of that teacher strike I mentioned last week, my niece (4th grade) and nephew (6th grade) came over for a little bit of education. Boy, I tell you, five kids a just a tad bit harder than 3! 😉 Especially with a little tornado in the form of a 3 year old is causing a major path of chaos and destruction. I also got a bit of a glimpse of the result of this thing called common core…hmm…glad we won’t be dealing with that in my home.

We also got a new cat :) He is an orange point Siamese rescue kitty. We will be calling him Arrow…for now.

Homeschool Weekly moments and musings link up valentines week

As for learning, we’ve been focused a bit more on our CC memory work. I’ve gotten a bit lax the last couple weeks and it is showing for sure. My son has such a hard time memorizing content. Part of it is his age but I think it has a lot to do with me not doing too much visual lately.

He is such a numbers guy that I’m trying a new approach. Numbers again.

Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings link up  valentines week

Tee is also trying a few different methods for memory work and it was totally on her own! I would say that is a new milestone!

Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings link up valentines day

I also wanted to give a quick run down of the resources we are currently using. For those that don’t know, I am a TOS Review Crew Team Member. Is this a bit challenging to be a part of since I’m a working homeschool mom? Definitely! Would I change a thing? No way! I get to try out some awesome stuff!

TOS reviews I’m working on:

And coming up, Captivated the movie.

Be on the look out for these reviews.

As for other curriculum in our home, we are continuing to use Saxon Math, Explode the Code for kinder language arts, All about Reading Primer,  Story of the World,,, and many resources through the Classical Conversations plan.

I hope you all had a great week! What curriculum are you using right now?


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4 Comments on "Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings – Valentines Week"

1 year 7 months ago

Good for you offering some education time for your niece and nephew!
So about the epi pen… how much of the epi actually got into him? Was he shaking/bouncing off the wall? Just curious.
Great stuff this week Heather! I love reading your posts, they make me smile.

1 year 7 months ago

Well, I think you need a boring week this week! No more scissors or epi-pen mishaps I hope! The cat is so pretty! I didn’t know there was such a thing as an orange point! When I was growing up I think there was only seal point, chocolate point, and blue point. We had one of each- KC, Mae Nam Kong (Mitsi) and Lang Su Ann (Susie)!