Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings – A Lighter Week

This week in our homeschool house has been a calm one. So calm in fact, that I’m not quite sure how to write this weekly update. My calm isn’t as calm as most but we’ve cut out some things and have finally been able to just enjoy the day, even taking a nap…aahhh. I probably relaxed too much this week but this is needed sometimes. It’s given me time to think and recharge.

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As I’ve mentioned the last couple weeks (here and here), the school strike in my area has continued. The public school situation has been quite the challenge for many parents that I know. I’ve even heard reports of classes with 130+ kids in a class, substitute teachers walking out midday, parents not being allowed on school grounds, children getting told none of their work counts during the strike, students conducting their own walk-outs (do you blame them), movie watching being the theme of the school day, plus many more issues. It’s also torn our community apart with people on both sides upset with one another and people who just want to see things back to normal.

This strike has prompted many questions from friends of mine who are now entering into the new world of homeschool. How do you start homeschool? Is it expensive? What do you use? But, the number one question I get about homeschool is, “How do you do it?” This question is normally asked in a very shock and awe kind of way like I’ve discovered some mysterious new thing. My reply is typically something like this: I do it one day at a time; sometimes one hour at a time.

And then I point them to some of my favorite blogs like,, or (Among MANY more). It’s funny. I always get the same expression from these women after I’m done giving my story – kind of a glazed over look which then follows a “I don’t have the time” or “I’m not like you” or some other reason or belief why they don’t want to or “can’t” homeschool. If only they knew me “for reals.” They would know I am not one of those moms that wanted to homeschool. It just kind of happened and is where I was drawn.

One person even said to me, “You are a superwoman because of everything you do.” I assured her, I am no superwoman. The truth is, I feel like the opposite of superwoman. Most days are a huge challenge. But I keep on because I know this is the best gift I can give my family. I’m doing what I feel is the right. That does not make me a superwoman anymore than the mom next to me.

LOL, and this week especially, I am no superwoman. If one were to compare us to another family I’m sure we’ve barely done any sit-down school. I’ve learned to stop comparing though. ;)

Instead we’ve perfected the bath hair of the century….

Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings

Tee got her new braces…which has been a challenge all by itself…

Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings

And all the while, mom is in La La Land day dreaming about warmer places…dreaming for sure.

Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings

As for real school work, we took Monday off. For the rest of the week we covered our CC memory work a few times, completed a few math assignments, worked on the computer a lot, and reviewed some English concepts. We watched movies about World War II like The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler and Hidden in Silence. Tee also read an entire book in one day.

Like I said, it was a pretty light week. And it was NICE! I hope you plan lighter weeks like this from time to time. I am also researching curriculum for our next season and for my little learner who REALLY wants to do school…

Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings

And to keep up with tradition, I normally let you all know about our weekly disasters…well I wouldn’t want to let you all down. ;) This week I woke up to water dumped all over the house…including on my homeschool bookshelves – SIGH. Unfortunately, this caused a chain reaction. Mommy (yes I like to talk about myself in the 3rd person) had a meltdown and my 6-year-old – trying to prove a point – threw his bowl of cereal on the floor. Yes, it was an awesome morning – a humbling morning. ;) The week ended with a family drama that I’m not going to go into and my son having an earache and sore throat. Yay for fun times….not.

If you have a favorite all-inclusive preschool curriculum let me know! I greatly appreciate your advice:)


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  1. says

    Hey Heather! Popping over from your comment on my blog. Thanks for the feedback.
    That is crazy about the school strike thing! How terrible for those kids! I always laugh, too, when people say things to me about being “super” because I homeschool. I’m usually like, “Do you know me?” Ha! Love your laid back week. We’re on an off week this week from CC, so I’ll have to look up those movies for a change of pace.

  2. says

    Yikes, the strike sounds crazy!! I hope it is resolved soon. Glad your kids don’t have to be part of it. I do not use an all in one curriculum, but if I did I would use Heart of Dakota. I’ve looked over it a few times at a friend’s house and really appreciated the way it was laid out.

    • says

      Lisa, yes the Strike was very crazy…but sad. School is back in session as of yesterday so now my area can get to healing. If you currently homeschool a preschooler, what are you using? Thank you for the info…I always love picking other homeschooler’s brains on this subject. There is SO much out there.

  3. says

    a … a stretching time you had. that bath hair is just funny. :)
    I have to admit, I don’t get the Superwoman or you must be so patient comments regarding homeschooling. It’s spending time with my boy learning. How can that be so hard to do?

  4. says

    Honestly – I think homeschooling is easier than having a kid home from school. We’ve had a lot of time off for snow (I hate that word right now!!) and the big difference was my homeschoolers had things to do while my in-schoolers were wandering aimlessly and bored and off their routine. Sure, there are days where I’m ready to run away and join the circus, but it’s been far easier than I expected.

  5. says

    We use Sonlight Curriculum, and love it. The P4/5 set includes Bible, history/geography, science, read-alouds, a little LA, and skill-building (the Developing the Early Learner series has been phenomenal).

    I was recently at a wedding reception, seated with people I didn’t know: by profession, a lawyer, software engineer, filmmaker, children’s clothing designer, and 2 Big Pharma reps. When it came to me and “what do you do?”, I explained that I homeschool my children and (no joke) the lawyer replied, “Wow. I’ve never met a real live homeschooler before!” and the rest of the conversation was them asking questions about homeschooling! They said the same thing as you’ve found – “I can’t do it”, “I don’t have the patience”, “Wow, you must be so smart”…it was humbling and exciting. And I’m right there with you on the “I’m no superwoman!”

    Thank you for hosting the link-up, Heather! Have a sweet weekend :)

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