Classical Conversations Week 14 Cycle 2

Classical Conversations Week 14 Cycle 2

Tutor Plans


This post is a brief layout of my Tutor Plans for the Masters age class. If you are new to the blog please note that I will beat around the bush on what the actual verbatim memory questions and/or phrases are as to not mess with copy right issues. Last week is here.

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I’ve started posting my plans because I feel that sometimes it’s just nice to see what other tutors are doing without having to dig through forums or cc connected. I love CC and I hope that you will find this useful. I go with a very “stick in the sand method” (quoted from CC) so these are very basic. They should get you off to a good start for thinking about ways to get the new content out there. I limit using the resources found on CCconnected or with the music provided by CC because I want the parent to be able to introduce that at home.

This week is more simple than usual. We had a pizza/pajama party during our review so I kept the rest of the class simple. I’m glad things were more simple because the kids were a bit coo coo for cocoa puffs. 😉 Although my plans are simple, I put much emphasis into enthusiasm and have fun. We are never in our chairs for long and we tend to be a bit goofy in my class.


We typically do these first. This week we focused on timing. This next week I will be focusing on hands. Everyone loves to use their pockets. Overall my class is doing awesome and for two consecutive weeks, everyone has had the courage to get up and talk. This is a huge milestone for some of the kids.

This week the topic was a faraway place that you want to visit. Topics included Hawaii (my daughter), Germany, Yosemite Falls,  Ecuador, London, Disney Land, etc.


This week was about acids and bases. I once again had fun drawing…and yes, my base does look like a pickle. 😉 I have the kids repeat the sentence over and over as I slowly erase things until there is nothing left to erase. I always try to explain the meanings of some of the words that might pose questions for the kids if I can do it quickly and simple-like. This one was tough. I mentioned that this is something that I, as a nurse, have to know about…that this is very important in our metabolism and regulating the balance in our body.

Classical Conversations Week 14 Cycle 2 Simple Tutor Plans


This week’s sentence was about World War 1 leaders….kinda boring if you ask me…at least on the tutor side of things. I normally like to write out the sentence in different colors. I break down the sentence into different groupings of color. And I normally include drawings or pictures to swap the words with.  But all the leaders looked very similar…all had mustaches except the American President who had glasses. So I did utilize CC connected this week which is a rarity for me. I printed off handouts for all the students that had images for the leaders with the memory sentence underneath.


I am so glad to be done with pronouns, aren’t you? This week was about adverbs. I wrote the sentence/memory phrase out in many different. I like color! All of us sat around the board and the kids took turns drawing images for the question that the adverb asks. Like, “How”…the kid drew a question mark.


For this week, I handed every child a ruler and then had them locate the inch. I had them tell me how many centimeters were in that inch and then how many inches in that ruler. We then lined up our rulers so the kids could get a little mental image on linear length. We talked about what LINEAR actually meant. I then said, “5,280 of these make a mile. Isn’t that a lot?!” I kept drilling them and asking them the facts with the questions worded differently. There is also a nice CC Connected pdf that has nice images for this.


This week was about Baltic Sea countries. The Baltic Sea in my class is referred to as the “Bunny.” The way I introduced the countries were like this: “Poland once had four sisters, but then they moved Northeast next to Poland. Sadly one of those sisters died on the journey (old East Prussia).” The names of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania sound like foreign feminine names so that’s why I called these countries sisters. I always use the big map board which you can see in this post and I write right on the map with dry erase markers.


We continued our large drawing for this. This is becoming quite the routine…you can see last week for more info on this.


All of my kids already knew their latin for the week so we bypassed this with just a quick couple repeats of the memory content.

Science Experiences:

We used experiments out of Janice Vancleave’s Science Experiments book. This week we got to do the pepper/water/dish soap experiment and the foil/carpet experiment. Not too exciting compared to last week’s wine glass music. They were very easy experiments and we had plenty of time to get a detailed scientific method written out.

Art – Famous Artists:

This week’s focus was on Carl Linnaeus who was a Botanist, Medical Doctor, and Zoologist. To me, he’s a pretty fascinating guy. We used one of the activities out of the Discovering Great Artists book suggested in the CC foundations guide. Linnaeus spent much of his time studying plants and drawing the intricacies of the plants. The activity suggested the use of fresh flowers so that is exactly what we did. I purchased some yellow daisies and each child got their own to keep. While drawing we talked about how cool Linnaeus was with different trivia and then I asked the kids questions about Linnaeus.

Classical Conversations Week 14 Cycle 2 simple plans

Review Game:

We continued with the Pictionary Game we played last week except I chose the memory content for them. The kids got through more this week but I won’t be doing this game again. It seems the kids were more interested in socializing. Darn. Next week we will be doing a different drawing game that requires them all to be involved at the same time.



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1 year 7 months ago

So glad you are posting these! You get a lot accomplished in a week. I need to keep better notes on what subjects are being taught but with using an out of box curriculum I get a bit lazy.

1 year 7 months ago

Awesome plans! Your students are blessed by your enthusiasm, I am sure. You def give me inspiration- my Masters class seems to be heavy on the socializing too& I struggle to keep their focus sometimes. I am loving your blog!! Love how you roll with life :)