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What do you do with all those

Classical Conversations Timeline Cards?

Homeschooling is already challenging at times. Why should we make it harder than it has to be? One of my goals here at A Nurse’s Wildflowers is to assist those who are just starting out with homeschool. I’ve made a lot of mistakes learned some things and I want to ease your way if I can :) Here are some preparation tips if you are just starting out.

Last year I tried a few different things to organize our Classical Conversations (CC) Timeline card madness. There are so many cards – 172 cards including the presidents! That does not include the science.

These cards are an awesome resource. They have excellent images and facts, and are laminated for long-lasting durability. But, I don’t think a lot of people are getting all they can out of these cards.

During my stent of homeschooling last year, I had a whole room…not something I would suggest unless you like being tied down to a certain location in your house. In this room I had taped page protectors to the closet door and inserted the week’s memory content into them.

I also taped the old timeline cards to the wall and worked around the room as the weeks went by as suggested by many CC mom’s. Eventually, there were tons of 5×7 cards taped to the walls (even in my 5 week experience). I’ve seen a lot of families do this.

I have issues with this though. It didn’t really work for us. It wasn’t very easy to see the pictures and writing when taped up high on the wall. We couldn’t study in a different room if we wanted to work on memory work. It was also a huge waste of time to get up on a chair and tape each of these up.

This year I will be doing homeschool in the dining room. I definitely do not want timeline cards plastered all over my wall. I don’t want my living areas looking like eyesores.

Another reason taping cards to the wall didn’t work for us is because you can’t see the other side. The back side has a ton of information about the specific topic. Tee, my oldest, loves to read the cards. She can’t very well do that if they’re taped out of her reach.

So I began brain storming. Initially I was going to put the cards into a big binder with two 5×7 sleeves for each page – like a big photo album. But then I saw what my CC director had done. She found some small 5.5×8.5 binders and stuck the timeline cards in them. It was ingenious! Other mom’s have followed suit, including me. I can’t take credit for this idea but I wish I would have been suggested this last year…would have made life so much easier!

A Nurse's WIldflowers - Classical Conversations Timeline Card Organization

Because of copyright you will need to buy your own cards to see inside.

You can find these small binders on Amazon or walmart. 

A Nurse's WIldflowers - Classical Conversations Timeline Card OrganizationI also found 5.5×8.5 sheet protectors right next to the little binders with 15 sheets per pack. I needed 14.5 packs for all 172 timeline cards and all the cycle 2 science cards including the scientists (purchased separate from the cycle 2 science pack).

A Nurse's WIldflowers - Classical Conversations Timeline Card Organization

And look what came with all the sheet protector packs! Extra card stock for flash cards and other projects. Can we say, “repurposing?”

My fellow CC peeps used the white title pages that came with each Timeline pack to label their binders. I’m a color person though. So I made my own labels for the binders. You can click here for a free PDF of the labels pictured below.

At this point, our binders are hiding in the hall closet but they are VERY portable. This would be great to take a long in the car or where ever else you want.

A Nurse's Wildflowers - Classical Conversations Timeline Card Organization

Anyone digging the 70’s contact paper on the shelf?

Each binder is split into 6 week sections. You can also use dividers or use sticky dividers like my director did to separate into weeks.

I think this is going to work great for our family especially since we will be doing homeschool in the dining room. This is a great alternative to plastering cards all over your wall. Your children will actually benefit from all the CC timeline cards have to offer…including the backside.

If you don’t feel like venturing to the place of Walmart you can find all this stuff on Amazon and you can get free shipping if you have a prime account.


Do you have another way of using Classical Conversations Timeline Cards? Please share! What more info on the Classical Conversations cards? Go here. And as  reminder, even though my science labels are labeled with the foundations cycles, these cards are also used in challenge.

Here is the pdf, CC Timeline Binder Labels Sheet1.

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Suzi Hansborough
2 years 1 month ago

Hi!! I did something a little different….bit the bullet and punched holes in the cards. I just couldn’t afford the cost of the page protectors when I added up how many packets I was going to need. :-/ BUT — they turned out really nice in the small binders I got from Staples. My question for you is are you planning to create labels for the other Science packets? These look so nice, I hope you are…plus it would be really nice if they matched. =)

Thanks so much. These are really great.

2 years 1 month ago

I love, love, love these! Thanks so much for making them available to us. I too, would love to have more matching ones! You could sell these, for people like me who are too clueless to make their own! ha ha!

2 years 20 days ago

Oh I mean the timeline cards you say (in your post dated August 11) you “uploaded”
… are they on cc connected? If so, how do I find them, I am a member of this but ….thanks!

1 year 19 days ago

Do you mind sharing the fonts you used? I’m making binder ends for my foundations binders and would love to match your! Thanks!

5 months 4 days ago

I absolutely love the binder spines – thanks for sharing! Do you you plan to include any for the new Artist and Composer sets that are being released? Or maybe an editable version if not? Thanks again for sharing your hard work!

22 days 7 hours ago

Thank you for such a wonderful idea! Are they 1″ binders?