Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 18 Simple Tutor Plans

Our Classical Conversation Cycle 2 Week 18 community day went great! It was one of my simplest tutor days so far! If you are joining these posts for the first time, I should warn you…these are “simple” tutor plans. My goal is to get the memory content out to the students and parents without hours and hours of prep. Nor do I want too much stuff planned and then not be able to get it all done in the 2.5 hours we have during the class. You will need your foundations guide to follow along.

Previous weeks: Week 17, Week 16, Week 15, Week 14, Week 13… To see information on the white board/map I refer to, read this post.


Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 18

English is always my challenge for the week. This week I decided the hand was the perfect way to learn the memory info for nouns.

I had the kids hold their left hand facing them. The thumb, if stretched out, sort of resembles an “S” if you use your imagination. So the thumb is “Subject.”

“Direct Object” fits perfectly with the pointer finger. You know…when one is directing someone (aka bossing someone around) that pointer finger normally appears!

As for “Indirect Object,” the middle finger can resemble an “I” since it is the longest finger and sets itself apart from the rest.

“Object of Preposition”….on the left hand it is common to have a ring or “object” on that ring finger. I pointed to my wedding ring and briefly referred to it as the “object” of proposal…

“Possessive” fits well with the pinky finger. You can make references to pinky swearing or some other saying having to do with that pesky “possessive” pinky.


Typically I find images that fit with the history sentence but this week, I simplified things even farther and had the kids draw their own images on my board ( I’ve described this in previous weeks). The last few weeks we have learned about WWII and many of the same names have been repeated. It was interesting because the kids ended up drawing images that I used in previous weeks. For example, I used an image of a rose on an American flag and one boy drew that image to replace “American President Roosevelt” in the memory sentence this week.


Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 18

The 3rd law of motion can be demonstrated in many different ways. You can get a tennis ball and throw it against the wall while saying the memory sentence and watch the ball bounce back at you. In my class, I had the students split up into pairs positioned as pictured above. I had one student push and then the other student would lean back. This was a bit loud but they got the content memorized quickly even if it wasn’t 100% matching with the actual law.


Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 18

The image above was the main prop I used for the memory work. However, I think that hands can be used here to form a triangle and then break it in half during the chanting of the content.


Every week we do the same thing with Timeline. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I do not use the song during the CC days. At home we do use the song. One would think using the same methods every single week would get boring. But every week, to my surprise, it is requested with much anticipation. The kids take turns drawing images in place of the cards. It gets a bit goofy but the kids love it.


This week we did more of Central Europe. I reviewed last week while doing the new content. I normally use my large map but this week we used small personal maps which are provided by our CC community. I had the kids draw out Europe with all of the countries. We had more time than usual so I let them take about 10 minutes on this.


All of my students have this down. But I still drilled them all on it. I pretended I didn’t know it and misspoke or asked questions…they love correcting me. 😉

Art time:

This week we learned about Berthe Morisot, one of the only female artists from this period. Everyone got a kick out of this woman’s name and had fun with the project. It was a bit messy – mixing paint with glitter, salt, or something else to make textured paintings will never be neat. Because the science projects were so quick we had extra time with art which is always good.

Science Experiments:

These were the simplest projects so far this year. Both had to do with an incline plane. The first one was inspecting the mechanism of a screw and how it goes into the wood. The 2nd experiment had to do with studying how a mountain road works. I also brought up a hiking trail and how it was very similar to a mountain road.

I mentioned last week that I don’t do any measuring in these projects…my bad. 😉 I’ve kept that bad habit up and eyeballed it once again. The 2nd experiment called for measuring out a 5 inch by 5 inch square and then drawing a straight diagonal line to make a triangle out of the square. Pshhh. I’m not measuring that. I cut out 8 triangles using the corners of the computer paper in about 5 seconds. No measuring required.

Review Game:

This was our last week of playing tennis basket ball (more info see previous weeks). This is the easiest game and the kids love it. It was girls against boys. Girls won!!! I would suggest always having 2 tennis balls in your tutor supplies. This makes for a great last minute game with no prep.

I hope you all had a great week!


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Heather – Thank you for sharing this! I appreciate your simplicity, yet effective way to get the memory work across to your class. Thank you for linking up at Wonderful Wednesdays! Blessings – Colleen