Chore and School Magnetic Chart

Chore and School

Magnetic Chart or To-Do List


If you have visited A Nurse’s Wildflowers for any length of time then you know that we have struggled greatly to stay on task during school. This is an issue because of various reasons that I’m not going to go into too much. We just have a hard time. We’ve tried lists, lists, and more lists but nothing really seems to help. And then I saw something that I SO wanted but I didn’t want to spend oodles of time getting it. And then I found a way to make what I wanted in less time than it took to write this blog post.

Chore and School Magnetic Chart or To-Do List


This is our new “List.” I love it. It is very simple and I can see what everyone has done with just a quick glance. I am using this for school and chores. Even though my Little Bug isn’t part of the scheduled day yet I have still included her. There will come a time very soon when I will wish I had preplanned for her.

I’ve included sections for “DO” and “DONE” under each child’s name (name blocked out for privacy reasons). There is a section on the bottom left for miscellaneous information like the date, appointments, or other notes. I plan to use this area to write notes for my husband on the days I work…working homeschool moms take note! The bottom right is “home base” for all the unused tags.

Step by step guide to make this in as little as 30 minutes below…

1. First you need to find a magnetic dry erase board. These can be very cheap or extremely expensive. I chose cheap. If you have a Michael’s you can find the one pictured above for about $25 without any coupons. I’ve heard there is a 40% off coupon at times. If you don’t have a Michael’s, you can check out Amazon’s Dry Erase Boards.

JUST MAKE SURE the board you get is actually magnetic or this project will be a fail. The cheaper dry erase boards tend to have problems with warping so if you buy it in the store lay it on the ground and see if it sits flush to the floor without rocking. Otherwise you will have a funny shaped chart sticking out from the wall. Our board looks warped in the picture above because it is leaning on a wall and the angle is funky…but it isn’t warped.

2. You will need to design your layout. You don’t need to do what I did. Do what you think will flow smoothly for your family. Than get your handy dandy ruler out and start mapping it out with a dry erase marker. You will need Craft Tape or Chart Tape. If you are fickle person and think you will rearrange your chart or start over, I’d try craft tape which seems less permanent. I got the tape below at Michael’s but I would’ve rather had something different…it’s already starting to peel up.

photo 2-16

3. And then you need some sparkly, fancy Scrapbook Letters to make it fun! I chose block like blue glitter letters in two different sizes but you can do what ever you want. :)

photo 4-13

4. Then you need to make your “tags” – the actual subjects you want to keep tabs on. I suggest going to town on this now so you don’t have to do it later.

You will need a few things to do this. First of all, a label maker will make your life much easier. A sharpie will do the trick too but it’s not as pretty or clean-looking.

photo 1-16

Second of all, you need Colored Vinyl Magnet Sheets. These come in 5 primary colors and are perfect for this project. They are thin enough to cut with your school scissors but still stick great to the board. You can cut these into any shape or size you need which is very convenient.

photo 2-15

Make all your labels and print at the same time. Printing each word separately wastes your label supply. Then separate the words by cutting and peel backing, placing in a row on your magnetic sheet.

photo 5-12

Cut your words out and you are all done. It’s that simple. Of course you need to mount it on the wall too. Mine is still leaning against the wall.

I’ve seen similar plans on Pinterest but they require way too many steps. I hope this project saves you some time. :)

Have fun!


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Thank you! This will work perfect for my 4 younger kids.