7 Scheduling Tips for Working Homeschool Moms at HHM!

7 Scheduling Tips for Working Homeschool Moms

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7 Scheduling Tips for Working Homeschool Moms found on Hip Homeschool Moms!

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Many people believe that working moms and homeschool don’t mix. I’m here to tell you this is totally not true! You CAN work AND homeschool your children. You can also do it without ruining your children or going insane! Don’t limit yourself because you don’t fit the typical image of a homeschool set-up. What is “typical” anyway?

Whether one works in or out of the house, being a working homeschool mom is a completely different ball game. There are many aspects of homeschooling that have to be different to function well.  I homeschool and also work part-time. I know many moms who even work full-time and still homeschool their kids. Things are actually going well for these families! …..

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    Hi Heather,
    I am so grateful for your post and the simplicity behind your views. I am a working home schooling mama as well. I work as a Labor & Delivery OR Scrub 12 hour shifts twice a week. I am on my 3rd year of homeschooling, I’ve got a kinder gal and a 2nd grade boy. I have a few homeschooling friends but decided early not be in a co-op because of the pressure of ‘fitting in’ to that mold. I am very eclectic and classical as well. Sometimes, I feel like I’m Unschooling too, lol. My kids learn whereever we go, be it at the grocery store, shopping, on vacations, in car rides, in the back yard, etc. I also have learned to make things a lot more simple and that gives me time to be spontaneous each day. I use Story of the World and love it. The one area where I don’t budge is math, though. There’s no other way to do it. Ha!!
    I also battle a lung disease which is partly why we decided to home school, it just makes things easier and I am able to savor every moment with my kids in a stress-free lifestyle. No more running out the door all flustered and rushed. ;)
    I absolutely LOVE that you mentioned you’re an ‘Urban Homesteader’!!! That is pretty cool. Anyway, thank you for your insight and making me feel good. :)
    Life As Lizzy

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      Liz, thank you for the comments and visiting! Oh man, labor and delivery…I wanted to be one of those nurse…until I saw a video. Too many bodily fluids for me…so I chose ER instead which apparently has about the same amount of fluids (or more). ;) It sounds like we have the same kind of structure for school. As for the “fitting in to that mold,” I know what you mean. Fortunately, most of the women I am in a Co-op with (CC) are friends from church and we get along great. But there are still times that it is obvious my situation is different. I’m going to be writing a post about this eventually. Yes, I’m a urban homesteader….well making an attempt at it. I have a long way to go. :) Hope to see you here again!

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