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I decided to homeschool my kids for MANY reasons, however, one reason stands out among the others. I’ve mentioned before that two of my kids struggle with sensory processing issues. Sensory overload in homeschool is a huge issue in my house. I’m aware that I’m not alone in this little adventure of mine. Though, I think back to when I first started homeschool and wish I knew then what I know now. There are many who may just be entering into the world of sensory issues (Sensory Processing Disorder) and Homeschool. Perhaps there is a new diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD or the like. This article is for all you experiencing something on this level! :) Sensory Overload A homeschool room or area can make or break the day when sensory issues abound. My first school room was a terrible thing. For my family, getting to where we are now has only happened through a serious of unfortunate events….or life lessons… Being in a better, calmer place for school has taken a lot of work and brainstorming – researching for hours. We’ve also had a lot of help from therapists. My children’s speech therapist put sensory overload like this…and I’m paraphrasing…

Think of a whiteboard and imagine that as your child’s brain. Kids who have trouble processing their senses have a full whiteboard already just by the normal day to day activities. When something extra pops up in their senses, it overloads the whiteboard almost immediately!

An overloaded white board (brain) equals shutdown kids or mega meltdowns. Our goal as teachers and as parents is to aid our kids in learning how to handle their whiteboards. But, until then we need to help them with daily life by limiting stimulation. With the list below, keep in mind all the senses: Smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight. Plus, consider other non seen things like stress of something on their minds, fatigue, diet, comfort level, etc……. This article was published at The Homeschool Post. To continue reading the article click here. :) . Heather

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