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As I mentioned last week, my link up is morphing into a broader weekly update called “Weekly Moments and Musings.” Will I still be writing about homeschool? Of course. But I didn’t want to limit myself to just updating about homeschool since I have so many other things going on…like my urban farm which is now in full-fledged milk production! I’m so excited!

I would love for you to join me each week in showcasing your life. Homeschool is a lifestyle, not an 8-3 affair. These posts of mine will display how we live life as homeschoolers while actually LIVING LIFE. :) From now on, I will save homeschool business til the last bit. This post is goat and chicken heavy.

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Urban Homesteading:

My little farm experience has been more of a trial and error than anything else these last couple months. To see my last post about this go here – Goat Kidding Day. No amount of book reading can truly teach someone how to “farm,” especially when it is on less than half an acre and money doesn’t appear out of the thin air. {Continue reading…}

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 24 Simple Tutor Plans

It is FINISHED!!! Well, at least for this year. I am looking forward to the break but excited about the next year. This post will mark the last Simple Tutor Plans for the 2013-2014 CC Cycle 2. If you are new to these post, please have your Foundations Guide handy. I purposely only display what I need to get a point across. You will need to refer to your book to truly know what we are talking about.

I post my simple plans to inspire you tutors to keep it simple so your parents can go home and replicate what you do.


Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 24 Simple Tutor Plans

This was a hard one. There is SO MUCH information on this science topic that I had to reach to keep it simple. The above image is what was on my board.

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Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings #14

Weekly moments and musings #14

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings Link-up. Have you all forgotten about me yet? I’ve been brainstorming ways to make these weekly posts more interesting. You see, when I first started my blog, my goal wasn’t just a homeschool blog. Yes, I wanted to write about […]

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10 Perks of Being a Working Homeschool Mom

working homeschool mom

I’ve decided that working while being the homeschool teacher has MANY perks. Other than the late night shift interruption here and there (which is super exhausting), this whole working homeschool mom thing is actually WORKING! And there are so many things I will never have to deal with again. Never, ever, ever, ever! My kids have been […]

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Curiosity Quest Review – TOS Review Crew

Curiosity Quest Review

Do you ever have those days when you just need the kids to chill out so you can rest or get things done without disaster developing around every corner? As much as we hate to admit it, the TV is a useful tool to aid in a disaster free moment. But the content on the […]

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Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 23 Simple Tutor Plans

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 23

We are in the final stretch for the Classical Conversations 2013-2014 year! This week is officially our Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 23! For those new to these posts…These are strictly to help tutors and/or parents have a starting point to practice the “stick in the sand” method with your kids. ***In order to truly […]

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Victus Study Skills System Review – TOS Crew

Victus Study Skills System

Do your kids know what it means to study? I mean, to REALLY study? For some kids, the concept of digging deeper into a subject, prepping for a test, taking notes, or even creating goals and schedules can be a major challenge. I know it can be a struggle for my 11-year-old, as it is […]

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Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 22 Simple Tutor Plans

CC Cycle 2 Week 22

For us, this is Classical Conversations Cycle 2 week 22. Only 2 left. Then we (as in my family) will take a short CC break and jump right back into a review session over the summer. For those new to these CC tutor specific posts, you will need your CC foundations guide to truly know […]

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Captivated DVD – Media Talk 101- Review

Captivated DVD

This last month I received a documentary to review for the TOS Review Crew. The Captivated DVD is a production from Media Talk 101 which is a nonprofit Christian organization that focuses on media discernment. Captivated is a Christian-based documentary that brings attention to the ever-increasing flood of media and technology that is thrust into our lives on a daily basis. I […]

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Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings #13


***Link up at the bottom… This week is short and sweet. We did very little homeschool. In our area it is spring break and our week quickly fizzled out. Instead of school, my eldest daughter and I had a girl’s day at the movies and arcade which was LONG over due! We had a ton […]

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Spelling You See Review – TOS crew

Spelling You See

Recently, I was thrilled to be able to review the program, Spelling You See. Does this name sound familiar? This curriculum hails from the same company that makes Math U See! When I discovered that Spelling You See was geared towards children who are struggling learners – learners who do not fit into the typical educational box […]

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Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings #12


My family’s last 7 days have been quite the whirlwind…nothing new really. It wouldn’t be normal if craziness weren’t part of our week. Thankfully, last Friday my husband and I had 24 hours without children. We had a restful time in the next town over in a fancy Hotel topped off with a play. It […]

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Homeschool Weekly Moments and Musings #11


Howdy everyone! It has been a great week for the ANW family! The sun has been out so much and we’ve even had some 70+ days! I am feeling rejuvenated! ****Don’t forget to link up at the bottom of this post! The highlight of our week was this very cool “field trip” we got to […]

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Struggles of a Working Homeschool Mom

Working Homeschool Mom

When I started homeschool this last year, I knew it would be tough – real tough. I knew there would be challenges, especially as a working homeschool mom. As I entered into this new lifestyle I questioned if it was truly possible to do this. How would it REALLY work? Some complications and stressful times […]

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Mango Homeschool Edition Review

Mango languages homeschool edition review tos crew

  Over the last 8 weeks, my little family has had the opportunity to review an online foreign language product called Mango Homeschool Edition. This is currently in a beta state and is a branch of Mango Languages. You may recognized this name from a resource available in libraries. The Mango Homeschool Edition offers over 60 languages (intended […]

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Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 20 Simple Tutor Plans

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 20

This week marked our Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 20 which covered things such as the Vietnam War and surrounding countries. It was also the week we got to start our straw bridge construction. It was a fun week but I could tell that the time change really got to the kids. Yawning and distant […]

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