• Will I have a Dysfunctional Homeschool?
  • Essential Skills Advantage Review – TOS Crew
  • Weekly Moments and Musings – Too Much Going On!!!
  • Wizzy Gizmo Book Review – TOS Crew
  • Hip Homeschool Moms Giveaway Week!!! 2014

Will I have a Dysfunctional Homeschool?

Since beginning homeschool I’ve noticed a trend from others who watch our life from afar. It has come to my attention that my family may have been put on a pedestal of some sorts. Onlookers assume we must be this super patient, put together, extraordinary family to be able to accomplish this thing called homeschool. I’ve heard said many time – and I’m paraphrasing – that they could never do this because they will most certainly have a dysfunctional homeschool! I’m here to reassure you. Homeschool is not some epic, imaginary fantasy saga. It is real life. Things aren’t picture perfect. It will be dysfunctional from time to time or it wouldn’t be real.

Dysfunctional Homeschool

Recently, I had a friend express concerns about her three children’s education. Her two younger boys are both autistic and receive specialized education in a local public school program. They will continue in this program since it is working for them. However, my friend’s oldest, a 7-year-old daughter, attends a private Christian School and things aren’t going so well. Unfortunately, this little girl has developed a case of some serious dislike for school and lacks motivation to learn. My friend feels that it is getting worse, not better.

I love talking with this friend of mine because she is so honest and transparent, especially about her fears.

She would love to homeschool but is worried she will mutate into a “holy terror.” Those are her words, not mine! She asked me how I make it through the day without cussing like a sailor and losing my mind. I had a good laugh hearing this. I am no angel. Not at all…. 

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Essential Skills Advantage

Essential Skills Advantage Review – TOS Crew

During the summer my kids have been testing out a new language arts software to use as a supplemental English homeschool resource. This latest review is of Essential Skills Advantage - a completely online program that offers up to a full year subscription to all levels of your family (this is what I got). My specific account is… 

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Moments and Musings

Weekly Moments and Musings – Too Much Going On!!!

Welcome to my Weekly Moments and Musings where I share life, real life, with you! And that includes my urban farm, work, homeschool, natural living, fun times, and more. As for this week..right now I’m exhausted. It’s been a seriously – beat me down into the ground – kind of week. It’s been a good… 

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Wizzy Gizmo

Wizzy Gizmo Book Review – TOS Crew

Finding fun books about God that my kids will not only enjoy but learn from can be a challenge for my children. They get bored easily and have a hard time staying focused. The books need to be engaging and interesting. I was thankful for this next review because of this. The company, Wizzy Gizmo,… 

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HHM giveaway

Hip Homeschool Moms Giveaway Week!!! 2014

I am so excited to tell you about the cool stuff happening over at HipHomeschoolMoms.com this week. For those that don’t know, I am one of the the contributors. I have grown to absolutely love the HHM ladies. They are some of the coolest chicks in the homeschool blogging world! This week, August 18th –… 

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Classical Conversations Tutor

Reflections of a Classical Conversations Tutor

{This is a guest post from my friend, Laurel who is also a Classical Conversations Tutor! Enjoy!} Classical Conversations Practicum. Just three words, but what a huge meaning it holds for those who attend! I, myself, have recently benefited from this valuable event. Our morning speaker was so humorous, telling many engaging stories, making Classical Conversations… 

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Sensory Overload

22 Tips For Decreasing Sensory Overload in Homeschool – HSBAPOST

I decided to homeschool my kids for MANY reasons, however, one reason stands out among the others. I’ve mentioned before that two of my kids struggle with sensory processing issues. Sensory overload in homeschool is a huge issue in my house. I’m aware that I’m not alone in this little adventure of mine. Though, I… 

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Moments and Musings

Moments and Musings – Fires, Bowling, Garden, and More…

OH. MY. GOODNESS! It has been a crazy week! I worked a lot last week between the three jobs including Friday and Saturday in the ER. I am just now feeling better after those two days. It was insane and I had a very critical patient for hours. I’ve felt drained. And then there’s this…… 

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Visual Latin

Visual Latin Review – Roman Roads Media – TOS Review Crew

Upon entering into the homeschool life, the topic of Latin became a common area of conversation among my friends. When choosing a classical educational approach, Latin seems even more prominent. I wasn’t sure it was truly worth my time, but still, I was curious. Knowing that my children would eventually be required to take a… 

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Moments and Musings

Moments and Musings – Crater Lake, Garden, and more…

A current Moments and Musings update is long overdue! We’ve been busier than normal with random projects, work, and just having fun as a family. I hope all of you are having a great summer! As for my family, we’ve stuck close to home because of the goat milking responsibility and garden. I believe the… 

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Mathletics Review – TOS Review Crew

This time of year, even though our goal is year-round schooling, finding the motivation to do book work and then actually doing it can be a bit tedious. Having fun, educational programs to break up the pace is a great thing for the hot, smoke-filled days when we can’t go outside much. That is why… 

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working homeschool mom

Healthy Working Homeschool Mom – Self-Doubt – HHM

This post is a part of a series called Healthy Working Homeschool Mom. To read past posts, go here. Self Doubt. It’s something that sneaks into our thoughts, dreams, and lives at an unbelievable rate. I’m pretty sure we all know it can take us by complete surprise. It tends to make a lasting impression, ruining… 

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Report Writing

Hewitt Homeschooling – My First Reports Review – TOS Crew

Sometimes knowing where to start when it comes to writing reports can seem like an impossible task for our kids. It can be especially difficult if the child has a hard time focusing or honing in on a specific topic. Hewitt Homeschooling understands this and has developed several helpful tools to aid in homeschool report… 

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