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Wizzy Gizmo Book Review – TOS Crew

Finding fun books about God that my kids will not only enjoy but learn from can be a challenge for my children. They get bored easily and have a hard time staying focused. The books need to be engaging and interesting. I was thankful for this next review because of this. The company, Wizzy Gizmo, has created a handful of uniquely designed children’s bible stories and bible study resources for our kids to learn something extra special about God. For this specific review, I will be discussing Book One: Who Created Everything? This is for children ages 4-12.

Wizzy Gizmo

What is Wizzy Gizmo?

This company – more like a ministry – was founding by two gentlemen named, Justin Cummins and Chris Del Aguila. These men, plus a group of many others, have come together to deliver the Message to our kids. The goal of Wizzy Gizmo is to make learning about God fun – to make the bible come to life in our little ones eyes. I want to encourage you to read here for more information about what Wizzy Gizmo has to offer and why they do it. More about Wizzy Gizmo here.

Book One: Who Created Everything?

First off, Wizzy Gizmo is actually the name of the main character in this new book series. He is an eccentric inventor. He has many odd inventions that are shared in the book, but the main theme of this story revolves around his latest invention, the Gizmovision. This is a device that makes books come to life complete with sounds, smells, sights, etc.


In this book, the characters are introduced in a beginning page. I thought this was a great touch to help kids know a little about all of the characters. There are more than what is pictured below.

Wizzy Gizmo Review b

Using Wizzy’s new invention – the Gizmovision – all of the kids go on an adventure, making Genesis chapter 1 come to real life. Each “day” is covered in detail, but in a way for kids to understand. If there is a word that might not be known, the makers of the book have provided a mini dictionary to help learn new vocabulary as well.

Wizzy Gizmo

This is a paperback book that is a 6×9 inch size. The page total is 58 pages and these are broken up into 9 sections – 7 reading chapters, a review questions section, and a vocab section.

How did we use it? 

My family read this book as a read-aloud over several days close to bedtime. Sometimes I would read it, or my husband would read it, or my 11-year-old would read it. Honestly, when reading this book, both my husband and I had a hard time resisting doing “voices” with the story. The writing seemed to flow off the page in a fun way that creates the perfect goofy parent reading session. ;)

This lit a new curiosity in my 6-year-old son who is still asking what God has made. As for my little one, every time she sees a picture of Wizzy, she points to it and says “Wizzy Gizmo!” My 11-year-old appreciated this story because it help her to understand what really happened during the time of creation.

Wizzy Gizmo Review c


As a Christian parent, I really liked the written story. As I’ve already mentioned it was an easy read. It didn’t bore me to death like some other children’s books do. I am looking forward to new books coming out. The concept of an invention that can make books come to life is great. I love how the Wizzy Gizmo founders have used this idea to bring the bible to life!

A few suggestions for new books in the series…I would like to see more pictures – like one on each two page spread. My younger kids always fell asleep during this book. I’m not sure why, other than there were several sections where there were no pictures. I think the illustrations are fantastic. There is missed opportunity here to show of those artistic skills. Also, a hardback option would be best for a children’s book. Kids are too rough for paperback.


$12.99. You can take advantage of up to %10 discount after sharing the book from their website.

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