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Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices for 2014-2015

My goal this year with homeschool curriculum is to find things that are simple and do not require a ton of prep. A ton of prep = it won’t get done. For those who are new to the blog, I work a little outside of the home and have a little urban farm. Prep work is not my thing….errr…at least I don’t want it to be.

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Our main method of homeschool will revolve around Classical Conversations. My 1st and 6th graders will be in CC Foundations. My 6th grader will be in the CC Essentials Class as well. Classical Conversations provides a once a week education day to introduce concepts for the week. This is a whole day and covers math, English, Latin, science, history, timeline, and geography. However, a math and phonics program are needed in addition to the main CC work.

Our other curriculums will be to support CC or follow a Charlotte Mason (living books) and Classical Education Method…although we are a bit eclectic (a little bit of everything). If I see something I like, I use it. We will also be utilizing more online stuff this year. This last year I’ve been blessed with many homeschool products through the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.

This is a running list. Of course I won’t be using every single thing every single day. But these will be our main focus. I fill like I’m forgetting something. If you see what it is, please let me know.

Basic references and resources:

This is the ultimate resource packed with books to read, products to use, and schedules to follow for every single age group! It is also HUGE. Like almost a 1,000 pages HUGE!

Curriculum Choices…we are still trying to catch up from switching to homeschool from traditional school:

  • Math:

993486Saxon 6/5 and the Saxon 6/5 DIVE lesson support DVD (6th Grade)

*The 6/5 means either advanced 5th grades or average 6th graders…or at least that is my understanding.

Saxon Math 1 with k-3 Math Manipulatives (1st Grade)

Online supplements will be from various TOS reviews I’ve done. CTCMath.com is my favorite so far. Both ages.

Math Facts Drills both ages.

  • English/Grammar:

IEW grouping for Essentials Cycle 3 (6th Grade)

Writing with Ease Level 4 (The Complete Writer) (6th Grade)

Writing with Ease Level 1 (1st Grade)

*For the Writing With Easy books, I spiral bound a portion of them.

First Language Lessons Level 4 Teacher’s Edition and Student Workbook – yes, you do need both (6th Grade)

Frist Language Lessons Level 1 (1st Grade)

Spelling Workout Level E (6th Grade)

The Logic of English Levels A, B, and C (1st grade) – This is by far my very favorite curriculum for phonics! Review here.

Zaner-Blosser Handwriting Level 1 (1st Grade) – This program is very expensive. I ONLY bought the workbook which was less than $12.

Spelling You See as a supplement if needed. (1st Grade) Review HERE.

  • Latin:

Visual Latin 1 through Campus Classroom (6th Grade)

*Even though Classical Conversations has some ‘Latin’ at the Foundations level, I am feeling a need to prepare for Challenge A’s Henle Lessons. Visual Latin is a wonderful product. 30 Lessons is actually broken up into 90 lessons. This makes this program a full year of learning. It is especially awesome for families who are busy, have multiple ages, or the parent doesn’t know a thing about Latin. Another popular option is Latina Prima but I decided to stay with Visual Latin after I spent the money on Latina Prima.

Sing School Latin (Middle of 1st Grade)

*Once my 1st grader is reading better I will start this.

  • Science:

Apologia Anatomy with the Junior Journal and Regular Journal. We will ask be taking advantage of a pre made lesson plan and an already prepared set of science projects from Christianbook.com (Both Grades)

Lyrical Life Science 3 - To support CC

My Body - To support CC

  • History:

There are many resources available. This year will be a little easier because it is on American history.

CC Timeline Cards

American History Homework (Everything You Need To Know About Homework series)

Veritas Press Self Paced History (6 Grade)Review here

Heroes and Heroines of the Past (both grades)…Review here

Another popular choice is Story of the World, but I won’t be using it this year because my children think it is boring.

Draw Write Now

  • Geography:

Mapping suggestions mentioned in The Core.

And also the homework series listed above.

Atlas of the World

Homegrownlearners.com has some awesome tips that we will also be taking advantage of!

  • Art:

My oldest is receiving lessons once a week from a professional artist/painter.

Artistic Pursuits (for the littles)

  • Music:

SQUILTVolume3flatcoverThis year I’m going to try out Homegrown Learner’s SQUILT Music study which goes with Cycle 3! Click here to visit Homegrown Learners for more info on SQUILT.


  • Preschool:

My little bug will be 4 this winter. I haven’t quite made up my mind about her but she is motivated to sit with us. I am considering Heart of Dakota. I will also be purchasing some fun activity books like the Fun on the Run: Cutie Corner Sticker Activity Book. When I make a more permanent decision on curriculum I’ll be sure to report!

  • Other Resources:

I will be referring to Solagratiamom’s Cycle 3 Teaching Plans throughout the year to make my life easier. Review here.

  • extracurricular activities:

Karate, Horse Riding Lessons, 4-H, Maybe Soccer.

This list will be updated as things change.

What are your favorite homeschool curriculum choices and resources for the coming year?


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